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GreatNonprofits® is the leading national platform for community-sourced, verified reviews of 1.2 million–registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Reviews are submitted by individuals with direct-experience working with the organizations listed on their website. Veterans Rebuilding Life was proud to accept the 2017 Best Nonprofits Award, granted on-behalf of the military community we serve. To learn more about GreatNonprofits® please visit their official site.


The international service organization is comprised of community leaders whose motto: Service Above Self, defines their humanitarian mission: the advancement of international goodwill. Since the summer of 2015, the Rotary Elmsford Chapter has granted Veterans Rebuilding Life the honor of selecting worthy veterans seeking higher education, to be the recipients of the Rotary’s Annual Scholarship Fund. This award provides direct financial support toward any accredited training or educational program selected by the recipient. To learn more about Rotary International and the communities they serve, please visit their official website.


VSACC is a registered nonprofit organization operating out of Boston, Massachusetts, since 2016. Founded by Afghanistan War veterans, VSACC’s mission is focused on the current suicide crisis, that’s responsible for an estimated 22 veteran deaths–everyday. All too often, the cause of death stems from the very medications prescribed to help veterans cope with prolonged PTSD symptoms. Since 2016, VSACC has conducted the research and development of effective, holistic alternatives for the treatment of PTSD. VSACC  has successfully assisted Boston’s veteran population to transition away from addictive and often lethal. prescription medications, and replace them with VSACC’s state-approved, holistic treatment solutions. By summer of  2017, VSACC officially partnered with VRL, expanding their humanitarian reach to assist a greater number of veterans. To learn more, please visit:


FixMe® connects homeowners to the construction industries top-rated, licensed professionals for home-improvement projects, both large and small. By utilizing digital technology, FixMe screens certified construction specialists in your area, to ensure quality services that accurately match your home improvement needs. FixMe makes hiring a reliable contractor safe, simple and at no-cost to homeowners! To learn more, please visit:


GuideStar Exchange is nationally recognized as the trusted authority on the ethical practices of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations operating nationwide. By monitoring NGO compliance, and measuring the social impact of humanitarian programs, GuideStar Exchange identifies trustworthy organizations, and exposes unethical behavior within the NGO space. Veterans Rebuilding Life was proud to be awarded GuideStar’s highest member status: Platinum – granted to NGO’s who maintain a proven commitment to integrity, through financial transparency. To learn more about GuideStar Exchange, please visit their official site.


Members of the: Empire Rugby Football Union, the Bayonne Bombers Rugby Club competes in Division II of the RFU. Comprised of 60 players from 12 nations, the Bombers compete in the top Rugby tournaments, including the annual spring tour across Ireland, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Tortola, Turks and Caicos. Since the summer of 2015, the Bayonne Bombers have supported VRL by holding the annual: Belgian Beer Garden Event, and generously donating the event’s proceeds toward VRL’s humanitarian mission. To learn more about the Bayonne Bombers, please visit their official site:


A truly authentic Irish experience, the Dubliner has three floors and a rooftop beer garden, making the Irish establishment Hoboken New Jersey’s largest bar and grill. The Dubliner has been an official VRL venue since the summer of 2014, as the host-location of the annual: Belgian Beer Night, a fundraising event sponsored by the Bayonne Bombers Rugby Club, a long-time supporter of Veterans Rebuilding Life. To learn more about this authentic Irish establishment, please visit their official site.


In response to the growing number of veterans diagnosed with combat-related PTSD that have been arrested for the self-destructive behavior often associated with Post Traumatic Stress, the U.S. Supreme Court implemented the nations first: Veterans Treatment Court (VTC). In lieu of their service to the nation, the VTC provides veterans with a second chance, by offering the alternative option of entering a treatment program in-lieu of incarceration. In October of 2014, the Veterans Treatment Court of New York officially endorsed VRL’s treatment program: Project 360º as an alternative to incarceration for veterans engaged in the judicial system. To learn more, click here.


AmazonSmile is the simplest way to support Veterans Rebuilding Life every time you shop at no cost to you! When you shop at, you’ll find the same prices, selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to Veterans Rebuilding Life. Support VRL by shopping at


Named after the organizations founder, Tom Deirlein–a decorated Iraq War veteran and West Point graduate, TD Foundation provides aide to children who’ve been directly impacted by war in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the children of wounded American veterans and the nations fallen heroes here in the U.S. The TD Foundation has been in partnership with VRL since our inception in 2010. TD is responsible for developing countless fundraisers to support the individual medical cost of care, for each child patient. To learn more, please visit their official site.


The T2T Foundation honors the sacrifice of the New York City Firemen and Police Officers who gave their lives saving others on September 11th, 2001. The annual fundraising event retraces the footsteps of the fallen by running the 5K distance through Brooklyn’s Battery Tunnel, to where the Towers once stood. The event grows every year, and includes Firemen, Police, military and civilians from all over the world who come to support this noble cause. VRL has supported the Tunnels to Towers event every year since 2010. Proceeds raised by the event pay for the cost of constructing specialized-homes for severely disabled American veterans. To learn more, please click here.


Veterans Advantage is a national program that partners with established companies to support American military service members, by providing preferred pricing on goods and services to veterans and their families. In 2013, Veterans Advantage presented VRL with the Site of Distinction Award, for excellence in the content and design of platforms focused on American veterans and their families. To learn more, please visit the Veterans Advantage official site.


For over 175 years, McGuireWoods has ranked among the top law firms across the nation. With more than 1,000 lawyers speaking 35 languages, McGuireWoods practices law in over 125 countries. BTI Consulting ranked McGuireWoods among its Client Service 30 list of firms serving Fortune 1000 companies–8 years in a row. The firms’ success also placed them among the Power Elite’s Top 20 Firms recognized for superior client relations. VRL was honored by the firms decision to become the official sponsor of Veterans Rebuilding Life, by providing legal services at no cost to the organization. To learn more about the McGuireWoods, please visit their official site.

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