Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes to the ongoing war. Neighboring countries cannot absorb all the new arrivals, and many Ukrainians have hopes of moving to new locations where they can safely rebuild their lives.


A diverse team of professionals with corporate and NGO leadership experience, and military veterans from all branches of service. While more than one-third of our volunteers are Ukrainian, our team is composed of people from five different continents. Safe Passage 4 Ukraine is a project of Veterans Rebuilding Life® a registered 501(c)(3) NGO, with experience conducting humanitarian operations in war zones, and assisting refugees to resettle.


We help people fleeing Ukraine during all stages of their journeys. Volunteers on the ground in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland work with a remote team to provide services to all:

Ground Evacuations

Experienced combat veterans operating on the ground in Ukraine, assisting civilians to escape active combat zones.

Mobile Medics


Emergency medical personnel with military experience provide ground transportation and medical services for people with disabilities and medical needs to leave Ukraine.

Coordination in Neighboring Countries

Our volunteers work with local NGOs and governments to identify displaced persons in need of onward travel assistance, and provide direct help to those evacuated from Ukraine.

Travel Assistance

Our remote team of volunteers connects displaced people with donors who contribute airline miles, hotel points, and cash to cover the costs of moving to a long-term destination.

Resettlement Assistance

We connect displaced people with donors who provide long-term accommodation of 3 months or more, and ensure they have access to legal, health, translation, psychological, and social services.


All contributions made to Safe Passage 4 Ukraine directly support the mission. Donations cover the following expenses:


• Airfare, accommodation and transport for displaced persons traveling to their final destinations.


• Long-term accommodation for displaced persons who have arrived at their final destinations.


• Operational costs for our own volunteers including accommodation, fuel, provisions, equipment and medical supplies


100% of all donations go toward helping others. Our volunteers put their lives at risk serving for several months or more, without compensation.



Safe Passage 4 Ukraine Testimonials

“Our family is sincerely grateful to Heather for helping with our flight selection and arranging for us a great one-stop flight. It was not easy as we will fly with a cat, but she did everything to make it work. We are very happy that we met Heather on our way. With best wishes and thanks, Vitalii, Olena, Kateryna, Dmytro, and cat Kitty!”

–Family of 5 from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. Transported from Brasov, Romania to Calgary, Canada.

Heather is a member of VRL’s: Safe Passage 4 Ukraine volunteer team. She is currently in Brasov, volunteering at a refugee center.

“Dear Friends, hi! Staying a few days at home in Kyiv, I think over my way from Bucharest again and again… I ask all of you to accept my deepest thanks one more time. Jim and Trey, you are really my heroes! You’ve done so long trip! It was not easy, especially on the first day! Lisa felt not good, different issues because of that, a long queue at the border, sometimes heavy raining, you were strong and patient! You helped me and Lisa and supported us completely, and even made me laugh. Me and my family are so grateful to you! We are at home thanks to you! God bless you.”

–Kate and Lisa transported from Bucharest, Romania to Kyiv, Ukraine.

Jim and Trey are members of VRL’s: Safe Passage 4 Ukraine volunteer team. They are currently in Lviv, transporting essential supplies to families in need.
Safe Passage 4 Ukraine


We partner with nonprofit organizations and volunteers to identify civilians fleeing Ukraine who are ready to relocate to a long-term destination. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Refugees wishing to join family members currently residing in another country.
  • Refugees with the professional skills necessary to remain independent at their new location.
  • Students and scholars in Ukraine who must relocate to continue their education.

We prioritize refugees in need of medical assistance, and coordinate with volunteers in Ukraine who are assisting civilians to evacuate. We provide financial support to Ukrainian refugees to relocate. Once resettled, we connect them to services available in their destination countries.



Committed to impartiality, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability:

We assist people fleeing Ukraine regardless of their nationality. Our volunteers sign an ethical code of conduct which prioritizes the health and safety of those we serve, above all else.

100% of all donations go toward helping others:

Our volunteers put their lives at risk serving for several months or more without compensation.

We do not replicate existing NGO services:

Our goal is to fill the gaps left by existing services, and make sure that everyone fleeing Ukraine can safely rebuild their lives with dignity. We help families travel from Kharkiv to Los Angeles, Odessa to Calgary, and everywhere in between.

Step 1:
Donate or Sign-Up as a flight or accommodation donor.
Step 2:
We will match you to someone in need of a flight or accommodation.
Step 3:
If you approve the match, you will directly book the flight or accommodation.


Safe passage for UkraineDonate Miles or Points

Safe passage for Ukraine.

Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers for work on-the-ground, and remote. Volunteers must commit to at least 3 months of service for all positions, including remote work. Volunteers must have at least 15 hours a week available.

If you are interested in volunteering, provide a brief description of your education, professional experience, military experience (if applicable) and the role you are requesting in our Volunteer Application.


Отримати Допомогу


Please Note: SP4U cannot assist with visa sponsorship. We can only book flights for those with proper travel authorization (i.e. visa, ETA).

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