2023 Top-Rated Nonprofit

GreatNonprofits® is the leading national platform for community-sourced, verified reviews of over 1.2 million registered nonprofit organizations. Reviews are submitted by individuals with direct experience working with the organizations listed on their website. Veterans Rebuilding Life was proud to accept the Best Nonprofits Award, granted on-behalf of the communities we serve for seven years in a row. Learn more.


2023 Platinum NGO Rating

Candid® is nationally recognized verification authority for nonprofit organizations. By monitoring compliance, and measuring social impact, Candid identifies trustworthy nonprofits, and exposes unethical behavior. Veterans Rebuilding Life is proud to be recognized as a Platinum NGO, Candid’s highest nonprofit rating for our commitment to financial transparency. Learn more.

Charity Navigator 5 Star NGO: Veterans Rebuilding Life
2023 Verified Charity

Charity Navigator® is an assessment evaluator for registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations operating in the United States. Charity Navigator® provides verified encompass ratings for over 150,000 nonprofits, making it the largest charity evaluator in the United States.

Tech 2 Success

2023 Official Sponsor

Tech 2 Success® is an enterprise level IT company that providing services across the US and Canada. The company consists of high-level IT experts, programmers, and digital marketing experts with over 20 years of professional experience helping companies to strategically utilize  technology to improve their online businesses. In 2022, Tech 2 Success became the official IT sponsor for Veterans Rebuilding Life. Learn more at Tech 2 Success.

Official Sponsor

Live Jasmin® is a proud supporter of both active and former American military service members. In the summer of 2022, LiveJasmin became an official VRL sponsor and launched Soldier Aid, an online initiative that provides service members with a safe space to connect and communicate in a confidential setting. To learn more, please visit their website.

Veterans rebuilding Life is a registered member of Uncommon Giving.

Official Nonprofit Partner

Uncommon Giving® is an online community network that provides new ways for donors to find nonprofits focused on missions that matter. Uncommon Giving® helps registered nonprofits expand their humanitarian reach, and helps donors to make a real difference. Learn more.

Trusted Charity Member

Pledge® connects donors to verified nonprofit organizations operating around the world. Pledge technology powers secure donor transactions using digitally encrypted online platforms, capable of accepting all credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies. All donations made on Pledge receive an emailed tax receipt, as well as intuitive reporting for both donors and charities. Learn more at their website.

Benevity Giving Program

Benevity® makes it easier for nonprofits to establish eligibility for corporate giving programs, by providing online donors by vetting charitable organizations to ensure they are registered with the IRS and remain in good-standing. Benevity ensures that charities comply with non-discrimination laws, anti-bribery, and secular fund usage. Veterans Rebuilding Life is proud to be listed as a verified nonprofit in good-standing, on Benevity’s trusted charities list is available here.

Trusted Nonprofit Member
Millie is a Public Benefit Corporation that connects verified nonprofit organizations to companies that are seeking worthy causes to support. Veterans Rebuilding Life is proud to be a registered nonprofit member of Millie since 2022. To learn more about their corporate giving program, please visit their website.


Giving Fund Participant

Blackbaud® is an IRS authorized institution that provides donor-advised philanthropy through the Giving Fund. Blackbaud’s mission is to increase philanthropic giving through partnerships with creative social enterprises, that connect donors to verified charities around the world. Veterans Rebuilding Life is proud to listed among the Giving Fund’s most trusted charities.

Times Ledger
Community Impact Award Winner

Among the nations longest running news publications, the Times Ledger® formally recognizes institutions that have had an extraordinary impact on the community. Honorees are nominated by the public and must meet the the award committee’s requirement: going above and beyond to make a difference in their community. VRL was honored to receive the Impact Award, at the annual gala held at Douglaston Manor, in New York City.