Veterans Rebuilding Life®

a 501(c)3 nonprofit veterans service organization in nyc

Why we rebuild Veteran lives

Veterans Rebuilding Life Nonprofit Veterans Service Organization NYCVeterans Rebuilding® life was founded by veterans to help those wounded in war rebuild their lives. This includes US military veterans, their families, and innocent children caught in the crossfire of war.

Motivated by a lack of resources for US veterans and the resulting alarming rate of Veteran Suicide, VRL focuses on providing areas of support with a proven record of success that are not offered by other providers. We cannot sit idly by as we continue to lose our brothers and sisters.

We also know that veterans are not the only people that suffer in war, because we have a conscience. So we are driven to help those innocent bystanders who have become victims of war. These innocent often have the same symptoms of PTSD and physical injuries as our veterans. Our veterans lead this humanitarian mission, because they have that shared experience to assist, and because it provides them with healing to undo the damages of war.  

We believe in operating without compromise. 100% of all donations support our humanitarian mission, and no salaries are paid to our all volunteer staff. We do not accept government grants or any external funding that would influence our mission, allowing us to operate freely in an ethical manner.

Veterans Rebuilding Life - Candid Platinum Nonprofit Organization

VRL is a Candid® Platinum NGO

What we do

Project 360, An evidence based holistic treatment program for veterans

Derived from empirical analysis of the reintegration experiences shared by Post-911 combat veterans, and supported by clinical research on the efficacy of holistic treatment, Project 360 pairs participants with a fellow veteran, who is professionally trained to implement holistic treatment modalities. This unique combination of military experience and professional training allows participants to establish trust, set tangible goals, and achieve measurable outcomes.

Project 360 pairs participants with a fellow veteran who is professionally trained to mentor and provide holistic treatments. This unique combination of military experience and professional training allows participants to establish trust, set tangible goals, and achieve measurable outcomes.

There are three phases of treatment in project 360: peer mentorship, community partnerships, and giving back. Project 360 has a 100% success rate in preventing Veteran suicide.

Bryan enters his new specially adapted home in Staten Island, NYC for the first time.

How we rebuild veteran lives

VRL operates with an all volunteer staff to provide services to veterans and innocent children wounded in war. In order to do this, we are supported by veteran mentors, donors, sustaining members, partners, and volunteers.

Trust and Transparency

VRL believes in building your trust through transparency. VRL is a Candid® Platinum NGO, a distinguished rating granted to nonprofits, because we provide donors with the allocation of every contribution made, and the ability to see our humanitarian impact first-hand.

The Veterans And Children We Have Helped

Veterans rebuilding life conducted 237 humanitarian missions in 2018, providing more than 2000 supporting services to veterans and war-injured children. 

  • full time and part time work assistance
  • integrated PTSD treatment
  • healtchare registration
  • legal support services
  • housing assistance
  • more

Our Supporters, Partners, and Volunteers

Our partners, donors, and volunteers all deserve special credit for helping us to rebuild the lives of those affected by war.  Learn more about our supporters, to whom we are very thankful.