When a vet saves a child, the child saves a vet.

In the final phase of Project 360º veterans find closure through atonement, by helping a child victim of war to rebuild their life. Through this process, vets learn to redefine PTSD. Instead of sedating symptoms with VA prescribed drugs, they learn to accept trauma as a natural state of emotion they should feel, until they choose to take action toward resolving it. In short: when a veteran heals a child, the child heals the veteran.

Click here for data sources:

Department of Veterans Affairs

Verified data comprised of 55 million veteran medical records, released by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, indicating an average of 20 veteran suicides per day.


National Journal of Medicine

The medical publication’s clinical report on combat-related guilt, as a significant predictor for veteran suicide.


BBC Investigative Report

The international news agency reports more than one-quarter of children living in war-zones suffer the same chronic PTSD symptoms as combat veterans.