Dual Child Medical Missions
Mosul, Iraq

Seen above and below are Mum’in and Munir, ages four and two. The boys and their families were brought together by Veterans Rebuilding Life under unusual circumstances.

Meet Mum’in and Munir, ages 4 and 2, from Mosul, Iraq. The two boys and their families were brought together by Veterans Rebuilding Life under unusual circumstances.

Mum’in was referred to VRL by our partner in Iraq, the Iraqi Institution for Development, (IID) a registered non-profit in Mosul, Iraq assisting communities recover from the impact of the terrorist group: ISIS.

Mum’in came to VRL in April 2023 in need of a critical heart surgery, but he had to wait to recover from a lung infection first to withstand general anesthesia. VRL reached out to fellow veterans nonprofit the: TD Foundation, who generously covered more than half of the total cost of Mum’in’s medical procedure.

Mum’in surgery was a success. However, while IID founder, Ayad Salih, was making a routine hospital check up on Mum’in he encountered the pleading parents of another child, 2-year old boy Munir. Munir needed an immediate surgery to repair a dilated pulmonary artery or stand little chance to survive the following 48 hours.

We once again we reached out to our supporters. Within record speed, VRL members and Iraq War Veterans: Marikay Satryano, William Vallely, and Dr. Samir Johna, MD secured the remaining medical expenses of Munir’s procedure.

The team followed up in suspense for the following 12 hours as funding was secured and sent within hours and the surgery commenced. IID accountant in Erbil, Iraq went to the hospital, cash in hand, to deposit the surgery fee shortly before midnight. Munir was operated on 9am the following morning.

Munir’s surgery lasted five and half hours and he had to spend two days in the ICU before our partner IID was able to pop in for a visit and take photos.

Both boys, Munir and Mum’in were discharged from hospital with a clean bill of health. We are grateful to our supporters among the veteran and civilian community for their continued impact in saving the lives of children in war torn countries.