Child Medical Mission
Amman, Jordan

“People are the same everywhere in the world. We’re just separated by cultural and political differences that are manmade.”

—Dr. Mark Turrentine, Cardiothoracic Surgery

A 16-month-old Kurdish boy arrived to a hospital in Amman, Jordan with his skin turning shades of blue, as a result of low-oxygen levels, brought on by tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia. The life-threatening heart condition requires a critical surgical procedure, not available in the war-torn region little Hawra was born into.

In response, a humanitarian mission was led by Dr. Mark Turrentine, a cardiothoracic surgeon, and longtime supporter of Veterans Rebuilding Life. Dr. Turrentine was accompanied by a team of volunteer medical professionals, that included: Dr. Michael Johansen, pediatric cardiologist; Dr. Michael Kasten, assistant surgeon; Dr. Mouhammad Yabrodi, pediatric intensive care specialist; Dr. Nicole DeJesus Brugman, pediatrician and intensive care fellow, and Amy DeHeer, a pediatric practitioner and ICU nurse. The medical team worked tirelessly throughout the duration of the humanitarian mission, conducted in Amman, Jordan.

Dr. Johansen kept mission-supporters at home updated through an online medical journal, where he stated; “We are well-settled into the mission at this point. Tired, but proud of the entire team’s effort, including the Al Khalidi staff, whom we’ve been working alongside at a taxing pace. Our numerous hosts continue to support us, and make us feel more like family, than 6,000 miles from home.”

While the medical team contributed their time and professional services, the humanitarian mission was made possible through a collaboration of supporting nonprofit organizations, including: the Rotary International, Gift of Life, Chain of Hope, and Veterans Rebuilding Life. Together, these registered organizations ensure the success of each humanitarian mission, by providing the necessary financial support to accomplish each mission.