Child Medical Mission
Mosul, Iraq

Veterans Rebuilding Life, child medical mission.
Veterans Rebuilding Life child medical mission, Mosul, Iraq

Mohammad is a cheerful 15 year old boy in war-torn Mosul, Iraq. A victim of a hit and run while on his way to school, Mohammad suffered severe injuries, including shattering his left tibia and fibula. Without proper treatment Mohammad was at risk of never walking again.

Mohammad’s father lost everything to the terrorist so-called Islamic State. His house was demolished and he suffered permanent disability as a result of the conflict. Living hand-to-mouth with limited resources, Mohammad’s father reached out to VRL partnering organization: the Iraqi Institution for Development for help.

Veterans Rebuilding Life collaborated with California charity: Without Borders to raise the funds necessary to cover Mohammad’s procedure,. Shortly after his surgery, with metal screws holding his bones together, Mohammad kept on smiling during a video call between the teams in NY, LA and Mosul. During a recent follow-up, Mohammed’s Doctors have reported that he is expected to make a full recovery.