2024 Veteran Mission

United States Army Veteran Paris Carter served honorably with the 108th Infantry Battalion, 2nd Rifle Company, headquartered in upstate New York.

“If you don’t know where else to turn and your vet, please do yourself a favor and call Veterans Rebuilding Life. It’s just that simple.”

Paris Carter, Veteran

United States Army Specialist Paris Carter served with distinction as an enlisted member of the 108th Infantry Battalion, 2nd Rifle Company, based in Utica, New York. This battalion played crucial roles in the global war on terror, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan, notably during the Battle of Samarra in October of 2004. Parts of the battalion also served in Afghanistan with the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and as a separate battalion assigned to RC West.

Despite his years of dedicated military service, Specialist Paris Carter faced the challenges that many service members encounter during the transition to civilian life. He struggled to access the support services necessary to begin anew.

Fortunately, a fellow veteran handed him a business card with a reassuring message: “They helped me get back on my feet; they can help you too.” Curious but unfamiliar with the name listed on the card, Veterans Rebuilding Life, Paris decided to reach out, even though it was late at night, expecting to leave a message.

To his surprise, volunteers from Veterans Rebuilding Life answered his call promptly, providing him with the immediate assistance he desperately needed. Within just 48 hours, they arranged temporary housing for Paris and scheduled meetings with Veteran Service Officers to aid him in securing long-term housing, healthcare, and full time employment.