2024 Medical Mission
Ninewa Province, Iraq

Meet Baby Sabrin.
A resilient 5 month old, born into challenging circumstances.

Her impoverished family earns a meager five dollars a day as seasonal farmers. Baby Sabrin was born in Iraq’s Ninewa province, amidst a backdrop of past and ongoing violence from extremist groups since 2003.

Their modest home is shared with extended family members including grandparents, painting a picture of communal living in the face of adversity.

Sabrin’s journey came to the attention of Veterans Rebuilding Life through our nonprofit partners; the Iraqi Institution for Development. They sought our support to fund reconstructive surgery for Sabrin, who was born with a severe cleft lip and a palate deformity.

However, during the preparatory health assessment required for surgery, a more daunting challenge surfaced: Sabrin also suffered from a congenital heart defect, complicating her medical needs.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Sabrin’s ability to endure multiple surgeries at such a tender age, our experienced medical team made the decision to proceed. Miraculously, Sabrin not only survived but thrived, her heart healed, and the scars on her face fading into insignificance.

Yet, the journey held more surprises. As Sabrin recuperated, it became apparent that she was blind in both eyes—a fact her parents had concealed, fearing judgment or diminished support.

Though we couldn’t restore Sabrin’s eyesight, our collaboration with generous donors from the veteran community, and nonprofit partners Without Borders ensured that her heart was mended and her smile restored.

To Sabrin, we offer our heartfelt wishes for growth and resilience. Though your path may be challenging, may you find solace in the love and care that surrounds you, embodying the spirit of patience—your namesake—every step of the way.