2024 Veteran Mission

Army Veteran Davis Lasean, seen here opening the VRL care-package, containing new work boots, winter clothes, and six months of fresh food supplies.

Davis Gig Lasean was born in Harlem, New York City.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army following his high school graduation at the age of nineteen. After years of loyal service, Davis was honorably discharged from the military, and returned home to join the civilian workforce.

He secured a position in the construction industry, where he remained employed for the next twenty years of his life. It was only when approaching retirement age, that Davis found himself in crisis.

When the state and city of New York enforced a shelter-in-place order, in response to the global pandemic, Davis found himself unemployed for the first time in decades.

After months of living in quarantine, Davis’ unemployment benefits came to an end as the winter approached. Davis was unable to pay his overdue utility bills, including basic heat for his modest apartment.

Too proud to ask for help, Davis risked his life breaking quarantine in search of any available work to make ends meet. It was only after a friend of Davis learned of his hardships, that he was referred to Veterans Rebuilding Life.

Within 48 hours, VRL volunteers mobilized to assist Davis. Emergency funds were raised to cover the cost of utilities and heating for his apartment. A six-month supply of fresh food and new winter clothes, were purchased and delivered to Davis to ensure he would survive the coming winter season.

As the pandemic came to a close and the quarantine lifted, Veterans Rebuilding Life secured new employment opportunities for Davis, that pay a living wage, and provide the benefits necessary to thrive.

Today, Davis remains an outspoken supporter of Veterans Rebuilding Life, and volunteers his time to assist fellow veterans, as a member of the organization.