2024 Humanitarian Operation | Mosul, Iraq

Child patient resting, post surgery.
Veterans Rebuilding Life child medical mission to Mosul.
Reem, a spirited 9-year-old girl from Mosul, captured our hearts with her infectious energy.

Her parents, understandably worried, noticed an unusual bone mass growing on her upper shoulder. This growth not only caused Reem considerable pain and discomfort, but also sparked fears of a potential malignant tumor.

But, like so many families in the war-torn city of Mosul, they faced extreme hardship in securing medical assistance for their daughter. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of teams in New York, California, and Erbil, Veterans Rebuilding Life successfully raised the remaining $2,000 necessary to complete her surgery.

During the agonizing two-week wait for the test results, we held our breath, hoping for the best. Finally, the results came back benign. The relief was palpable.

With this burden lifted, Reem can freely swing her arms and embrace her summer break from school. It’s moments like these that remind us of the power of compassion and collective action in transforming lives.