The Manfredi Movement

Community Fundraising Event | Staten Island | New York

This Staten Island charities mission is to spread the importance of philanthropy among youth in America. By involving young adults in charitable efforts, the Manfredi Movement’s objective is to broaden the demographic of donors supporting the nonprofit sector. The youth initiative, encourages existing nonprofits to continue their humanitarian efforts, by increasing the number of young adults intent on making a lasting positive impact.

Founder and CEO of The Manfredi Movement, Joseph Corrado Quadara, studied marketing and information technology management, before accepting an employment position at the Von Agency, a New York public relations and marketing firm. Joseph is the grandson of Mr. Corrado Joe Manfredi, who moved to America from Italy as a teen, and worked his way up from being a mechanic in Brooklyn, to becoming the owner of eleven successful car dealerships in Staten Island, NY. As Mr. Manfredi’s success grew, so did his philanthropic efforts. Upon his passing, Manfredi’s grandchildren continued his legacy, by establishing the Manfredi Movement organization.

The Manfredi Movement launched a successful fundraising event on Staten Island, NY, held in-support of Veterans Rebuilding Life, and the mission we serve. The twenties-themed: Gatsby Giving Gala, was held at the lovely Staten Island Italian restaurant: Violette’s Cellar, a longtime supporter of the Manfredi Movement. The proceeds raised by the charity event were immediately donated to Veterans Rebuilding Life, to ensure the continued success of the organizations mission. To learn more about the Manfredi Movement, please visit their official site.