Child Medical Mission
Mosul, Iraq

Seen in the photos below and above is ten year old Yasmin, before and after her life-saving medical procedure.

Meet Yasmine, A cheeky 10 year old girls from Mosul city.

Veterans Rebuilding Life partner, the Iraqi Institution for Development (IID) met Yasmine and her father, at the state-run cardiac hospital in Erbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan region while they were on a routine visit to two little boys, ages 2 and 4, who were just out of the ICU after their successful heart surgeries.

Yasmine and her father had just gotten the bad news. Yasmine had a congenital heart defect and needed an open heart surgery or risk irreversible damage to her heart.

The cost was $3,000, less than a fraction of what it would cost in the United States. Still, Yasmine’s family could not fathom that number, not even selling all their assets combined.

Yasmine’s father was a construction worker, slaving more than 12 hours a day under Iraq’s brutal heat for the equivalent of $10 a day. With mouths to feed and rent to pay, Yasmine’s family had no savings.

Yasmine was facing a certain death because her family could not afford $3,000.

Veterans Rebuilding Life relied on the kindness and generosity of its community who raised the funds to fix Yasmine’s hearts.